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Luxury Destinations

The Philippines – a new, exciting and unexplored luxury destination. As the world experiences increasing demand for luxury travel, Blue Horizons Travel has decided to develop a tool that will effectively create awareness on how this tropical island can be a haven of the most memorable and bespoke journey to every discerning traveler.

The Deep blue

Set in warm blue tropical waters, Philippines is the perfect all-year-round diving destination. Attractions include some of the most accessible wreck diving in the world, exhilarating wall and drift dives and liveaboard trips. Many visitors are attracted to world class macro diving and underwater photography opportunities, whilst others seek the attractions of the larger species to be found in deeper waters.

Manila Tours

From surfing to diving and from swimming with the whale-sharks to trekking the mountains the array of possibilities makes the Islands of the Philippines one of the most desired places to discover in the world.

Tropical Golfing

The Philippines is a tropical paradise with an impressive golfing history and a selection of some of the very best golf courses in Asia. It is a wonderful place to play golf where warm tropical conditions mean luxuriant courses with dramatic scenery and lush green vistas.

Golden Pearl Safari

Between the islands of the southern Philippines on the island of Palawan you will find farms responsible for the majority of the world’s golden pearls production. In collaboration with nature, this tour commits to excellence and perfection.