Palawan is an idyllic, almost undeveloped paradise of raw natural beauty and the largest province in the country. Gaining ground to have the most beautiful set of beaches, Palawan is home to virgin and pristine beaches. It is a big treasure trove of unexplored coral reefs, diving and mountain sites and rock formations. The untouched environment has been protected by environmental groups to maintain its natural and exquisite beauty, making it one of the Philippines’ main attractions.


The Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, encompassing 332 square kilometers of coral reefs and lagoons, houses a flourishing marine life. The park also serves as a nesting site for birds and turtles that are abundant to the island.

Puerto Princesa is the getaway and the capital city of the province, where the Subterranean River National Park can be found. It is the longest underground river system that is accessible to mankind and has been named one of the new seven wonders of nature. This river flows within a deep cavern under rugged limestone and marble cliffs and crystalline waters it is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Framing the coastline of Puerto Princesa is Honda Bay. The bay consists of several islets with shallow reefs bordering fabulous beaches which have become the favorite swimming, snorkeling, and diving destinations of local residents and tourists. Honda Bay is also excellent for dolphin watching, fishing and water sports.