Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region the island features aside from white sandy beaches some Spanish colonial churches and historical landmarks. Tourist go here to see the indigenous tarsier, the second smallest primate in the world. Another tourist attraction in Bohol is the majestic Loboc River, one of the four main rivers that runs through the province and the Chocolate Hills. Most of Bohol was submerged in a shallow sea two million years ago. As the water receded over time, coral formations rose out the water, becoming the now famous Chocolate Hills. The smooth and uniform hills are a result of years and years of rainwater and erosion.


Another tourist destination is Panglao Island, separated by a narrow channel, where some of the best diving spots can be found. White sandy coves are ideal for relaxing and swimming together with other islets surrounding the main land that also have untouched and pristine beaches. Pamilacan Island is ideal for divers and beachcombers, with its waters serving as migrating routes for whales and dolphins. The village is populated by friendly people and there is even history to take in with relics such as a Spanish military outpost that served as a lookout for pirates or invaders.