The central mountain range, known as the Cordillera, is the region’s trophy piece, with lush green forests blanketing vast areas of gloriously crooked earth. The scenery, culture and environment in the mountains are completely different from other destinations of the Philippines.

Cordillera Mountains have stunning rice terraces, cool weather and alpine vegetation. The region is an adventure-lover’s paradise, with mountainous networks of ancient walking trails perfect for trekking. Many of these trails lead to remote villages where tribespeople live much as they have for centuries. There are endless caves in Cagayan province, endless whitewater rapids on Kalinga’s Chico River and endless surf breaks around the island.


The biggest and the most famous city in the Cordillera mountains is Baguio, summer capital of the country, gifted with historical and scenic attractions that makes it a favorite spot for both foreign and local tourists.

Banaue, known for incredible ancient rice terraces, considered to be the 8th natural wonder of the world by many Filipinos. The terraces are inhabited mostly by hand from tribal people called Igorots, literally translated as “people from the mountains”.

Sagada is a small town with a great scenery and famous for hanging coffins and burial caves. Some of the quiet serenity and historical spots can only be found off the beaten path.

Bontoc, the historical capital of the entire Cordillera region and home to an extensive collection of tribal artifacts in the museum of mountain culture.